Spiders vs. Hedgehogs

Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “All right, boys! The giant spiders have attacked! The moment we’ve been training for has finally arrived!”
Norman #1: “Sorry, what? Have we been training all these years to fight giant spiders?”

Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “Are you crazy? Giant spiders are super creepy with all those eyes and fangs and furry legs. No, I’m talking about how those animals will be in disarray now that their dog got eaten. Show them, Norman.”
Ron Burgundy: “Lock your doors! Stay inside! Avoid webs! Stock up on spider repellent!”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “See? It’s the perfect time to strike!”

Norman #2: “But what if we get caught in the webs and the spiders eat us?”
Ninja Hedgehog Commander: “Don’t be ridiculous, Norman. We all have katanas. We’ll just cut right through the webs and keep going. All right, let’s move out!”
Norman #3: “I don’t have a katana. I have nunchucks.”
Norman #4: “Shhh.”

Soon …

Norman #5: “I was expecting there to be more webs and fewer dogs.”
Lulu: “Oh, it’s my little friends the living combs! Are you here to brush me and give me belly rubs again?”

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