The Need For Feed

Mouse: “What are you guys talking about?”
Lulu: “Some of our friendlies are having trouble with losing our feed, so we were discussing what to do about it.”

Mouse: “Seems like maybe you should talk to WordPress.”
Chaplin: “Talk to WordPress? Why would we want to do that?”
Mouse: “Because WordPress is where your feed comes from … ?”

Charlee: “You think our feed comes from the computer?”
Mouse: “Of course your feed comes from the computer. Where do you think it comes from, the feed store?”

Soon …

Lulu: “See? ‘Tack & Feed’. We’ll just ask them to tack up our feed and then it won’t go down anymore.”
Mouse: “This is a completely different kind of tack and feed from what you’re thinking.”

9 thoughts on “The Need For Feed

  1. We’ve heard Mom say we weren’t keeping up with what’s going on with you because we lost your feed. But how could we lose your feed? We never had your feed. And if we had it, we wouldn’t lose it, we would eat it!! This is so confusing! XOX Xena Lucy and Chia


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