Lulu: “Hey, Mouse, here’s a whole pile of feeds. Do you think these will work? Mouse?”
Mouse (busy eating feed from an open bag): “Sure sure, whatever. Pile them in the cart.”
Lulu: “Oh, were we supposed to get a cart? The cats insisted on getting a basket.”
Charlee: “You’ve been in there long enough. It’s my turn to sit in the basket.”
Chaplin: “Get your own. This one’s mine.”

Lulu: “Charlee! Chaplin! Where are you? Can you see what the cart is stuck on?”
Charlee: “Looks like a bunch of giant rawhide chews or something.”
Lulu: “Oooh! Put some in the cart for me!”
Mouse: “Check it out, I’m a cowboy. Yippy-kay-yay!”

Chaplin: “Can you make me a double catpuccino with extra cream?”
Mouse: “We’re not at a coffee shop, Chaplin.”
Chaplin: “Anybody with a haircut like that definitely works in a coffee shop.”
Lulu: “So once we get these feeds home, how do we tack them up so people can subscribe to them?”
Cashier: “Well first you would … wait, what?”

Soon …

Mr. Nibbles: “Why did you block off the driveway with bags of grain, friend Lulu?”
Lulu: “We’re trying to solve a feed problem. This should do it I think.”

Mr. Nibbles: “Your Mama and Dada might not be happy about this if they need to go somewhere in the car.”
Lulu: “Pffft, have you seen the gas prices lately? They’re not going anywhere.”

12 thoughts on “Feedstop

  1. You’re right about your Mama and Dada not going anywhere…you spend all their money on feed! We hope it’s works, but if it doesn’t maybe you can just eat it. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


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