Feed Blockage

Spicoli: “I’m disappointed in you dudes. All these bags of feed and not a single bag of Doritos.”
Lulu: “They didn’t have Doritos there.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, and they couldn’t even make me a catpuccino. Worst coffee shop ever.”
Mouse: “It wasn’t a coffee shop!”
Chaplin: “We Hipsters know a coffee shop when we see one.”

Mr. Nibbles: “So what do you expect to happen next with your feed, friend Lulu?”
Lulu: “Well I suppose subscribers will come and access it.”
Mouse: “Subscribers don’t just show up iny our driveway to access your feed, Lulu.”

Red Squirrel: “What’s this? A new feed?”
Lulu: “You were saying?”
Spicoli: “Dude, I still think you’d attract more subscribers with Doritos.”

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