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Red Squirrel: “So you just put this feed out here? What’s the catch?”
Lulu: “No catch. We’re just making it available to anyone who wants it.”
Charlee: “Yeah, and make sure to tell all your friends about it!”

Red Squirrel: “But I’m a squirrel. My friends are squirrels. You’re cats and dogs. Won’t you just bark at us and chase us?”
Mouse: “Hello! Mouse and guinea pig over here.”
Chaplin: “No no, we would never chase a subscriber.”
Charlee: “The most we might do is stare at them a little.”
Lulu: “I only bark and chase squirrels who invade my back yard uninvited.”

Red Squirrel: “Okay but what about that German shepherd over there? I didn’t hear any promises from him.”
Chaplin: “He’s asleep.”
Spicoli: “ZZzzzZZzzzz …”
Charlee: “Just don’t make any noise like a bag of chips and you’ll be fine.”
Red Squirrel: “Well all right, I’ll issue the traditional squirrel call that says there’s food available.”

Spicoli: “ZZzzzZZzzzz … *SNORT* What? Is it time for lunch?”

Momentarily …

Mouse: “That’s your traditional squirrel call for food? A Fat Albert impression?”
Red Squirrel: “Who’s Fat Albert?”
Spicoli: “Psst … Little Hipster Dudes … is it just me or have we been invaded by red squirrels?”

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