Disco Lu Doesn’t Advertise

Lulu: “What are you supposed to be? Some kind of genie?”
Clippy: “It looks like you’re trying to figure out what I am! Can I help you with that?”
Lulu: “Uh … Never mind. You said you could help with advertising?”

Charlee: “I’m not sure we need to advertise. More squirrels keep showing up.”
Spicoli: “You can never have too many squirrels, dude.”
Clippy: “Yes I can! Please select the type of advertising you’d like to do: 1) Targeted, 2) Non-Targeted.”
Lulu: “What’s the difference?”
Clippy: “One is targeted and the other is non-targeted. Please make a selection.”
Lulu: “Um … Non-targeted?”

Clippy: “Would you like to run another non-targeted advertising campaign?”
Lulu: “No!”
Spicoli: “Dude. Not cool. Now somebody’s going to get a bath.”

12 thoughts on “Disco Lu Doesn’t Advertise

  1. We’re with Cupcake…Clippy left me scratching my head more than once. Other than the cute animation, it wasn’t very helpful so we abandoned Microsoft. We can easily be confused by Apple’s ‘helper’ who at least keeps all our devices in a row.


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