Ad Nauseum Targeting

Clippy: “Perhaps you would like to try a targeted advertising campaign instead? I can help you with that!”
Lulu: “Um, all right.”
Charlee: “Wait, Lulu, maybe we should talk about this first …”
Chaplin: “Yeah, when you chose non-targeted, we all got bombed by a firefighting air tanker.”
Lulu: “I’m sure that won’t happen this time. It’ll be targeted at our subscribers, right?”
Clippy: “Precisely!”

Suddenly …

Stormtroopers: (firing guns at squirrels)

Clippy: “Would you like to run another targeted advertising campaign?”
Lulu: “I’m not sure we really ran the first one yet.”
Chaplin: “How did they manage to get paintball splatters all over our feed without hitting any squirrels?”

Just then …

Blue: (gobbling up squirrels)
Squirrels: “AAAAIIIIEEEE!!!”

Lulu: “Blue! You ate all of our feed subscribers!”
Blue: “If they weren’t meant to be eaten, then what’s with all this ketchup and mustard?”
Clippy: “It looks like you have a pet velociraptor. Would you like to see a list of all the errors in Jurassic Park?”

10 thoughts on “Ad Nauseum Targeting

    Blue dude you can NOT eat yore frendss~~~even if you ARE a Vee-loss-e-rator!
    Dude eat THE kibbell so Mistur Jamess can get inn an outta his driveway pleese!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an **steely glaress** BellaSita Mum *

    * Blue mee thinkss BellaSita iss pixxed you eated Squirrelss..
    Just meowin……


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