Lulu’s Life Tips: Always Investigate

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with another life tip! This time it’s a simple one: If it seems like something interesting is going on, you should always go investigate, even if it doesn’t appear to concern you. For instance, maybe one of your kitty siblings is staring at something. What could it be? A speck of dust? A stray reflection? A cobweb? The only way to find out is go take a look!

Charlee: “Your list of things we might be staring at is incomplete.”
Lulu: “Yes well there’s only so much room on the Internet, you know.”

Now in this video you will see that Charlee is staring at something. I don’t know what it is and it’s probably nothing I would want, but you never know. And of course since it’s all taking place at the door, Dada misinterprets my approach, but humans are pretty simplistic when it comes to dogs and doors …

Charlee: “It seems to me this was more of a ‘Caturday Matinee’ than a ‘Lulu’s Life Tips’ …”
Lulu: “You dont like it, take it up with the management.”

So remember, friendlies! Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it gets the dog chin skritches and possibly a cookie. You never know until you check, and that’s why you must always investigate. This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

11 thoughts on “Lulu’s Life Tips: Always Investigate

  1. Xena: Dear Lulu, you are right about the folks indiscriminately opening the door. We mean, like, what if we were standing there staring at a zombie? Or a werewolf? Or…
    Lucy: Xena, you watch too many horror movies with Mom.


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