All Geared Up And Somewhere To Go

Producer Smurf: “Come on, Charlee, let’s get a smurf on! Where’s your gear?”
Charlee: “I store my gear inside my toes and pop it out whenever necessary.”

Mouse: “Where’s your gear? It looks like you’re just dragging a wagon full of the world’s smallest filmmaking equipment.”
Producer Smurf: “Duh, that’s what it is full of. What did you smurf I was going to smurf on this trip?”
Mouse: “Camping gear? Sleeping bags? Tents?”
Producer Smurf: “What would I smurf with that stuff?”

Producer Smurf: “Do you guys smurf where Vermin is? She’s smurfing up our departure.”
Mouse: “Are you on some sort of timetable?”
Producer Smurf: “Yeah, the gnomes who run the rental place where I smurfed my equipment smurf by the hour.”
Lulu: “She should be here soon. She said she had to get her own supplies for your visit to the village.”

Shortly thereafter …

Vermin: “HISSS! All right, I’m ready! Let’s move out! I want us to get to that village before my popcorn gets cold!”

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