Let Me Check Some Comps For You

Producer Smurf: “Brainy Smurf! What’s smurfing on here? The village is being smurfed into a development?!”
Realtor Smurf: “I’m. not Brainy Smurf anymore! I got licensed! Now I’m Realtor Smurf! Did you want so smurf a house in The Villages at Smurftown? Here, let me smurf you some comps …”

Producer Smurf: “Huh? I already smurf a house in the village. I smurf it out as an Airbnb.”
Realtor Smurf: “Not anymore you don’t! Papa Smurf smurfs the land under all the houses and he was smurfed a very smurfy offer from a smurfveloper! Didn’t you smurf the letter to come smurf your house somewhere else?”
Producer Smurf: “What?! No, I never smurfed any sort of letter like that!”
Realtor Smurf: “Hmm, well, we smurfed you a bunch of them. I think the last one smurfed out just a few days ago.”

Meanwhile …

Spicoli: “Dude, another one of those blueberry envelopes that you like just came in the mail.”
Lulu: “Ooh, give it here, I’ll shred it up good!”

Back at The Villages at Smurftown …

Producer Smurf: “Well so where is my house now? Did you smurf it to a storage lot or something?”
Realtor Smurf: “No, all the unclaimed mushroom houses were ground up and smurfed to a psylocibin researcher.”

Producer Smurf: “You ground up my house and smurfed it to a whosiwhatsis?!”
Realtor Smurf: “What? I’m having trouble smurfing you over the sound of that opossum smurfing popcorn.”
Charlee: “Did I miss something? I got distracted by a bunch of birds back there.”
Vermin: “HISSS! You didn’t miss too much, it’s just starting to get good now!”

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