Charlee: “Well this trip was a big fat waste of time. Thanks for nothing, Producer Smurf.”
Producer Smurf: “Hey, it’s not my fault! Nobody smurfed me in the loop on these developments!”
Realtor Smurf: “Maybe if you smurfed in our Smurfbook group, you would have seen us talking about it there.”

Producer Smurf: “What Smurfbook group?”
Realtor Smurf: “The secret Smurfbook group that all the smurfs smurf in. It’s very smurfy.”
Producer Smurf: “If it’s a secret, how would I even smurf about it when no one smurfed me it existed?”
Realtor Smurf: “Hmm, I could have smurfed that Papa Smurf smurfed that he smurfed invitations to all the smurfy smurfs …”
Charlee: “Why do I get the feeling 90% of the traffic in this Smurfbook group would consist of the word ‘smurf’?”
Realtor Smurf: “What?! How could you possibly smurf that? Did you hack our Smurfbook group?”

Just then …

Realtor Smurf: “Papa Smurf! What are you smurfing back from the Smurfhamas already?”
Papa Smurf: “My Ring video doorbell smurfed that Producer Smurf was at my house. All the smurfs were smurfing about it on Smurfdoor!”
Producer Smurf: “What the smurf is Smurfdoor?!”
Charlee: “You actually have no idea what the other smurfs are up to these days, do you?”

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