A Smurfspicious Character

Producer Smurf: “What are the other smurfs smurfing about me on this Smurfdoor thing?”
Papa Smurf: “That a suspicious character was smurfing around hauling a wagon full of probably smurfed film equipment.”
Producer Smurf: “I didn’t smurf this equipment! I smurfed it from some gnomes who smurf a rental shop!”
Papa Smurf: “A smurfly story! Do you smurf a receipt? Or a rental smurfgreement?”
Charlee: “Next time maybe I should just look for a wizard on TaskRabbit …”

Producer Smurf: “Well, no, I smurfed the paperwork in my other hat …”
Papa Smurf: “Ha! Sure you did! I’m going to be smurfpounding your smurf-gotten electronics.”

Producer Smurf: “Say, Vermin, could I smurf a few bucks? I’m going to be on the smurf with the gnomes for a few extra days of electronics rentals.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Sorry, I spent all my green papers on popcorn. And it was totally worth it!”
Papa Smurf: “Now then, as for the cat, did I smurf something about requiring wizardly services?”
Charlee: “Yes, that’s right. See, my brother Chaplin was recently turned into a pillbug.”
Papa Smurf: “I see. And you would like me to turn him back into a cat?”

Charlee: “No, I’m concerned that the spell is going to wear off, and I would like you to make it permanent.”
Chaplin: “What?!”

10 thoughts on “A Smurfspicious Character

  1. Oh dear! Charlee, how could you try to do that to Chaplin? Chaplin! So good to see you again, even if you are a pain in the neck to Charlee. Now what? XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


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