Observed Around The Board Room

Chaplin: “I can’t believe you wanted Papa Smurf to make me a pillbug permanently.”
Charlee: “Don’t think of it as being a pillbug. Think of it as being a roly-poly. It sounds cuter that way.”

Chaplin: “Lulu, can you believe Charlee would want me to be a pillbug?”
Lulu: “Yes.”
Chaplin: “See, Lulu doesn’t … wait, what?”
Lulu: “Well, you kind of are a jerk to the rest of us sometimes. Especially Charlee.”
Charlee: “Told you so.”

Lulu: “If you two don’t mind, I’m just wrapping up a meeting, so …”
Chaplin: “A meeting? With who? Spicoli and Vermin stopped to buy snacks, Producer Smurf is in jail, the mouse and Mr. Nibbles are in the kitchen, and we saw Blue out front chasing kids on bikes again.”

Just then …

New Dog: “So I’m allowed to chase squirrels but not cats?”
Lulu: “Correct.”
Charlee: “Who’s that?!”
Lulu: “I did a little hiring while you guys were gone.”

Meet the, uh, new dog! (His shelter name is Sol, but that will probably be changing.) He’s about 8 months old and about 38 pounds (i.e., Tucker-sized). He was picked up off the street in Mexico along with his pack and transported to the San Diego Humane Society, where the rest of his group was promptly adopted. Sol, being a little shyer than the rest, failed to attract attention and spent about three weeks in the shelter before Mama noticed him when dropping off a donation of cat food. He and Lulu have been getting along well, and while he has not actually met the cats directly yet, there has been some observation of each other going on through the screen door. Sol’s exact lineage is, of course, unknown, but he has vizsla coloring and has been seen to lift a front paw to point things in the backyard, so who knows?

15 thoughts on “Observed Around The Board Room

  1. We were wondering who was hiding behind the rule book. Welcome to the family, New Dog! You are such a cutie, and we can’t wait to learn more about you. You could do one of those DNA tests like we did to find out more about where you came from.


  2. Congrats Sol Maybe Not Sol –

    You’ll be shining fur sure – what a great place to call HOME!

    Stay close to LuLu – she’ll show woo the ropes –

    Those other creatures aren’t to be trusted 🙂



  3. Man, we were snickering about Chaplin and how Chia is our Chaplin, when wham! You snuck a big surprise in on us! I don’t know what his breed is, except definitely not schnauzer, BOL! Welcome, new dog called Sol. You’re gonna love it there. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


    “les sigh” don’t mind Mama, Lulu and Java..she has a thing about new pack additions!

    We know you are going to have a blast in your furr-ever home. We do NOT have a bad feeling about this…in fact, we have a very good feeling!!!

    We still aren’t sure about the whole Bugs Bunny thing tho….
    Rosy, Sunny and Jakey

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