In The Queue

Blue: “Hey! Quit blocking the road! There are kids who want to ride their bikes through here you know! And I’m hungry!”
Mouse: “???”

Mouse: “???”

Mr. Nibbles: “They just stand there in line shuffling forward and groaning. Are we being invaded by zombies?”
Mouse: “Possibly.”

Java Bean: “What can I get started for you?”
People in line (mostly): “Cooooffffeeeeee.”
Mouse: “Oh, that explains it.”

15 thoughts on “In The Queue

  1. We don’t know why Mama likes her coffee. She spilled it once (with Pyshka’s help), and we tasted it – yuck! We would much prefer chocolate, but Mama isn’t giving us any, as if she knows what’s better for us – sigh…
    Meows and Purrs from The Cat Gang


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