The Tour, Day 4: The Patio & Beyond

Lulu: “Now this is the patio, which is the gateway to the backyard, where … Hmm, I don’t remember that rustic bean bag chair being here before.”
Java Bean: “Oh I brought those with me from Mexico.”

Lulu: “The rescue let you bring baggage when they picked you up off the street and sent you to the shelter?”
Java Bean: “Well they said normally they wouldn’t, but once they saw it was coffee, all of a sudden they were helping me carry it and stuff.”

Lulu: “How much coffee do you drink in a day, exactly?”
Java Bean: “How much have you got?”

Next stop on the tour …

Lulu: “And this is the backyard proper, which … uh … Say, have you already been back here?”
Java Bean: “You didn’t notice the people lined up for my grand opening?”
Lulu: “I noticed them, but I thought they were here to see me and give me belly rubs.”
Java Bean: “What, all of them?”
Lulu: “Of course all of them. What a silly question.”
Charlee: “About time you showed up.”
Chaplin: “Yeah, how long does a Hipster have to wait for a latte around here?”

15 thoughts on “The Tour, Day 4: The Patio & Beyond

  1. I’d give you a belly rub, Lulu!

    The cawfee is all yours though, Chaplin. I wish I liked coffee. It smells gorgeous and it a cappuccino with froth and chocolate sprinkles looks amazing… it all tastes fowl to me!


  2. I’d give you a belly rub Lulu. You could count on me….
    Make mine a flat white thanks. Are there any baked goods to go with that? Maybe a cheesecake, or a scone?


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