Office Visit

Lulu: “You should’ve let me shred that letter. Now we have to go talk to our lawyer.”
Bean: “So shredding mail you don’t like means you don’t have to deal with it?”
Lulu: “Yes, of course. But it’s too late for that now I’m afraid.”

Soon …

Bean: “Are you sure this is a lawyer’s office? What kind of lawyer doesn’t have a coffee maker?”
Lulu: “I don’t know, he’s been our lawyer as long as I’ve been around. I think Dennis hired him.”

Scrooge: “Coffee is for barbarians. I have tea if you want some.”
Bean: “Do I want tea, Lulu?”
Lulu: “On the one hand it’s kind of like drinking puddle water, so yes. But on the other hand, he’ll charge you for it, so—”
Bean: “Ooh, I do like puddle water! Yes please!”

One cup of puddle water tea later …

Scrooge: “Now then, according to this complaint, you barked at the ninja hedgehogs and scared them.”
Bean: “Yes, because they were sneaking around in my new yard. I have to defend my new yard from riffraff.”
Scrooge: “I see. So you’ve taken over the position of watchdog that was left vacant by Dennis and Trixie.”
Bean: “That’s right.”
Scrooge: “That’s good, being the watchdog indemnifies you against claims of unwarranted barking, and—”

Suddenly …

Chaplin: (swatting teacup off the table)

Scrooge: “All right, watchdog, why didn’t you warn me that the cat was about to knock a teacup on the floor?”
Bean: “This isn’t my yard.”

11 thoughts on “Office Visit

  1. Puddle water is EXCELLENT! As is canal water, and water in my dish. I even like water in the bath tub. Or water in my Mom’s water feature! Yes, I know. I’m a cat, but I do LIKE WATER! TLC Cai-Cai


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