You Too Could Be A Watchdog (Maybe)

Lulu: “Hey, Bean, do you think you can teach me how to be a watchdog, too?”
Bean: “I don’t know. I think being a watchdog might be kind of an intrinsic thing. Sort of like being able to work the squeaker in a stuffie.”

Lulu: “Oh, yes, Dada keeps showing me, but I can’t get those things to squeak at all. I noticed that you can squeak them, though. Can you teach me that, too? Did you learn it on the streets?”
Bean: “There aren’t as many stuffies on the streets as you seem to think. I just have a knack for it I guess.”

Lulu: “I could get a knack for it too. And for watch-dogging. I just need lessons from another dog. Dada means well and all but you know he’s just a human.”
Bean: “Well, I guess we could try it. Just a second, I need to take care of something.”
Lulu: “Sure, no worries.”

Bean: (barking at ninja hedgehog)

Lulu: “So what was that thing you needed to take care of? And where did you get a straw to chew on? I would also like to have a straw.”
Bean: “Dios, I can see that I have my work cut out for me.”

14 thoughts on “You Too Could Be A Watchdog (Maybe)

  1. You are loved just the way you are, Lulu. Don’t need any more strings to your bow! Belly rubs and gophers and the occasional entrepreneurship seem all you need… 🙂


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