Chaplin: “Thanks for buying us tacos, Lulu.”
Charlee: “Where did you get the green papers for them?”
Lulu: “Well I’ll telly you …”

But before she can …

Java Bean: “Hey, you never came back to watchdog class. Nor did you bring me tacos.”
Lulu: “I decided I’m not cut out for the whole watchdog thing. All that barking cuts down on belly rubs.”
Chaplin: “Plus there were too many dogs there.”
Charlee: “We were lucky we got any tacos. Spicoli had already bought out almost the entire truck before we even got there.”
Spicoli: “You snooze you lose, dudes!”

Java Bean: “What were you all talking about? I heard something about green papers.”
Charlee: “Lulu was just about to tell us where she gets them from.”
Lulu: “Right! It’s called ‘capitalism’. When I get hold of things I’m not supposed to have, I bring them to—”
Java Bean: “A secret place where you can hoard them and chew them up?”
Lulu: “Oh I used to. But that was before I found out they were worth fish skins. So now I bring them to Dada to trade.”

Chaplin: “What do fish skins have to do with green papers?”
Lulu: “Well have you heard of NFTs?”
Charlee: “No.”
Lulu: “Oh they’re all the rage on the Internet. So when Dada thinks I’m eating the fish skins, I’m really selling them as NFTs.”
Java Bean: “Why are they called NFTs?”
Lulu: “It’s an acronym for ‘Nommy Fish Tubes’.”

Java Bean: “I would like to learn more about this trading process.”
Lulu: “Stick with me, grasshopper, and I’ll teach you all about capitalism.”

15 thoughts on “NFTs

  1. Hey ,a long time ago MJF ripped up a lot of green papers…no kidding…but too bad he didn’t hear your wise words of advice, Lulu…he could have traded them! OMD!

    We need to refer you to the accountants and MBA holders in our furmily….


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