It’s Capitalism!

Java Bean: “So what about the Canada goose stuffie or the little bee? Can we trade those for fish skins?”
Lulu: “No, those are things we’re allowed to have. If we try to trade them, Dada will just give them back to us.”

Java Bean: “How about the pillows and blankets and stuff up there? Can we trade those?”
Lulu: “We could, except we can’t get at them without hurting ourselves. That would be too high of a cost for trading.”

Java Bean: “I see … What if we hire somebody to help us get them?”
Lulu: “Hmm, well, having extra staff would cut into our NFT profit margin, but it might be worth it to tap into a new market …”

Java Bean: “Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Mouse: “Dare I ask what you’re trying to teach Bean?”
Lulu: “Oh, he asked me for lessons on capitalism, so I’m explaining to him how trading works.”
Mouse: “I see. And you feel that being a dog who gets everything given to her for free by humans qualifies you as an expert in capitalism?”
Lulu: “It certainly shows that I know how to work the system.”

Mouse: “Yeah all right I can’t argue with that.”
Lulu: “I figured not.”
Java Bean: “Okay, I’m ready to start shoving pillows and blankets onto the floor!”

11 thoughts on “It’s Capitalism!

  1. Java Bean, you are a clever pup. We see how you’re working this. You’ll get your half of the trade plus part of Lulu’s share as payment for “procuring the goods.” BOL! We think we need some lessons from you. XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


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