(Don’t) Jump

Mouse: “Chaplin, why did you trap the Bean up on the fireplace?”
Chaplin: “I was hoping to get a break from him trying to play with me.”
Java Bean: “I think maybe I’ll just jump …”
Lulu: “Don’t jump! You’re not a cat!”

Mouse: “Have you tried just asking him to back off?”
Chaplin: “Well I’ve whapped him with my paws several times, but he just thinks it’s fun.”
Charlee: “My approach is to run away. He thinks that’s fun too.”
Java Bean: “I could be a cat.”
Lulu: “You’re definitely not a cat.”

Mouse: “What do your Mama and Dada do when this happens?”
Chaplin: “Usually something Mama calls ‘redirecting’, to get him interested in something else.”
Charlee: “Yeah, like sometimes she scatters treats on the floor for him to find.”
Java Bean: “I’m a mixed breed, so …”
Lulu: “You’re not THAT much of a mixed breed!”

Mouse: “Hmm, has it occurred to you that you could also find and eat these treats?”
Chaplin: “But then Bean would try to play with us again.”
Mouse: “I’m sure you could come to some sort of treat-sharing arrangement. Lulu has been teaching him about capitalism, after all.”
Charlee: “Treat-sharing arrangement, you say … ?”
Java Bean: (grunting)
Lulu: “Why are you grunting?”
Java Bean: “I’m trying to to see if I can retract my claws.”

12 thoughts on “(Don’t) Jump

  1. Deer Java Bean you are NOT a Kitty Cat…yore clawss do not reetract!! You are THE kewlest Poochie Doggie an Lulu iss yore Speeceess. You have to leern from Lulu. Shee ISS yore Sistur of THE Fur!!
    Charlee an Chaplin are yore frendss as iss wee Mousie…..
    OKay now you got that strait pleese **bark** fore Dada to come help you down??
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum

    Pee S: Mistur James aka Dada maybee sum Poochie reetrainin iss inn order for Woffie Beanss there???


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