Lulu & The Bean Present: Backyard Boing Boing

¡Hola, fellow coffee aficionados! This is The Bean, hosting my very first Sunday video presentation! This is a little something we are calling Backyard Boing Boing, because it is mostly me going boing-boing around Lulu, although we do get in a little bit of chasing. ¡Mirá!

Java Bean: “Lulu, how come ‘boing’ and ‘going’ aren’t pronounced the same as each other?”
Lulu: “I don’t know. English is a weird language if you ask me.”
Chaplin: “We agree. That’s why Dennis just spelled everything phonetically.”
Charlee: “All languages are weird. Meowing and purring are much better ways of communicating.”

What fun, eh? Of course, this video was just a few days after I came to live here, so I was still helping Lulu get into shape then. There’s lots more chasing to be done. Just wait and see! Until next time, this is Java Bean, jumping off. ¡Adios!

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