Division of Labor

Charlee: “Psst, Bean, we have a business proposal for you …”
Java Bean: “How did you get back up here?”
Charlee: “I’m a cat. I have my ways.”
Chaplin: “Lulu, can you lend me a paw pushing this wine rack back into position?”
Lulu: “You pushed it out here, why can’t you push it back on your own?”
Chaplin: “Division of Labor. It’s Capitalism 101. Just ask the mouse.”
Mouse: “That’s not what Division of … You know what? Forget it. Just help the cat.”

Charlee: “Anyway the proposal is, you pretend to chase us, then when you get redirected, we split the treats.”
Java Bean: “That isn’t much of a proposal. I already do that, except I eat all the treats myself.”
Charlee: “Yes, but this way we don’t start using our claws on you.”
Java Bean: “Oooh! All right, I agree!”
Mouse: “Where’d you even leaern about Division of Labor, anyway?”
Chaplin: “Cats are all about Division of Labor. As in it’s divided into 0% done by us, 100% done by everyone else. Come on, Lulu, put your back into it.”
Lulu: “I am putting my back into it!”

Producer Smurf: “Well they finally smurfed me out of the dungeon, no smurfs to any of you guys!”
Charlee: “Lulu! Watch out!”

Producer Smurf: “AAAIIIIEEEEE!”

Lulu: “Uh-oh. That’s almost as big a mess on the carpet as the time I yacked up the gopher I ate.”
Chaplin: “Nice going, Lulu. See, this is why you dogs are stuck being the proletariat.”
Mouse: “You guys really need to decide if you’re Marxists or capitalists.”
Java Bean: “It could be worse. They could have spilled all the coffee instead of breaking all the wine bottles.”
Charlee: “I’m not sure Mama and Dada are going to see it that way.”

15 thoughts on “Division of Labor

  1. Oh dear! Producer Smurf seems to always be in the middle of a big mess. We hope you all can get it cleaned up. At least with all the wine out of the bottles the cabinet will be lighter and easier to move back into place. BOL!


  2. OMC this iss not goin well Lulu!
    Um Charlee an Chaplin maybee you cuud help Java Bean down an then youss’ an Lulu can scarpurr (run away) to another room or outside. Leave Mousie an Smurfy to xplain that mess!! 😉
    ***mew mew mew*** BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum


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