Fire! Fire! Fire! ….. Cat?

Fire Department: “This is the Fire Department, how may we help you?”
Lulu: “Hi, we’ve got an animal stuck in a high place who needs help getting down.”

Java Bean: “Hey, can you ask them to make sure to bring their dalmation? I would love to play with a dalmation!”
Fire Department: “All right, what is the location of the tree and how high up in it is the cat?”
Lulu: “Oh it’s not a cat in a tree. It’s a dog on top of a very tall fireplace.”
Fire Department: “I see. What color Husky is it, then?”

Java Bean: “And a hose! I love hoses! I’ll wrestle with it while it’s whipping around spraying water everywhere!”
Charlee & Chaplin: “NO HOSES!”
Lulu: “It’s not a Husky. It’s a crazy little kind of reddish-brown short-haired dog.”
Fire Department: “I see. Do you know the vizsla’s name?”
Lulu: “He’s not a vizsla … Well I mean he might be part vizsla. We don’t know. Anyway his name is Bean. Why do you ask?”
Mouse: “I guarantee you they are asking for the name because they’ve dealt with Dennis before.”
Fire Department: “Oh we have a note here not to accept calls involving a vizsla named ‘Dennis’ due to receiving multiple false reports of squirrel arsonists from same.”
Mouse: “Told you.”

Fire Department: “Okay, we’ll send someone out there soon. Try to keep Bean calm in the meantime.”
Lulu: “All right, thank you. Hey Bean, are you calm up there?”
Java Bean: “You know what would keep me calm? A nice cup of coffee.”
Charlee: “Better make it decaf!”

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