LEGO My Rescue

Lulu: (wagging tail)
Java Bean: “Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!”
Charlee: “Why are you barking? It’s probably the fire department.”
Java Bean: “Didn’t you learn anything from watchdog class?”
Charlee: “Yes, I learned not to let Spicoli get to the taco truck first.”

Lego Firefighter: “Hi there! Where is the trapped animal?”
Lulu: “He’s up on the fireplace. But, um, how are you going to get him down?”
Mouse: “Yeah, where’s your ladder truck?”
Producer Smurf: “At last! Someone shorter than me!”

Lego Firefighter: “I don’t need a ladder truck! I’ve got Legos!”

Once the Legos are dumped out of the box …

Lego Firefighter: “Do you cats want me to build a tower to rescue your friend or not?!”

Some time later …

Lego Firefighter: “Okay, come on down! Just make sure to step off at the bottom or you’ll end up back at the top.”
Mouse: “Who are you, MC Escher?”
Lego Firefighter: “I’m not up on rappers these days.”
Chaplin: “Can you build us an endless cat tree next?”
Producer Smurf: “Do you think he would mind if I smurfed some of these blocks to build myself a new house?”
Lulu: “I thought you smurfs lived inside hollowed-out mushrooms.”
Producer Smurf: “Have you got any idea how dank and musty it is inside of a mushroom?”

Later, after the Legos & broken glass are cleaned up …

Mouse: “That was quite a production getting you down from there.”
Java Bean: “Yes it was! So anyway, how many fish skins can we get for trading those pillows and blankets?”
Lulu: “Well, first we have to drag them in to the office and show them to Dada, and then … um …”

Lulu: “Say, Charlee & Chaplin, could you …”
Charlee & Chaplin: “No.”
Mouse: “And for your next lesson in Capitalism: Supply chain problems!”

11 thoughts on “LEGO My Rescue

  1. Thank goodness Bean got down and didn’t keep following the staircase back to the top! XOX Lucy
    Did you “help” take down the stairway by chewing up some of the pieces or hiding them for later chewing? XOXOXOX Chia


  2. HURRAH!! Java Bean wee were so wurried you wuud nevurr bee rescued!
    Well dun Lego whatcha-ma-call-it-Dude!!!
    Mee thinkss there has to bee an easier way to get fishy skinss! 😉
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum


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