What Went Into That Dog: The Game Show

Producer Smurf: “What are you two smurfing down here?”
Java Bean: “The results of our genetic testing from Embark came back and we were just looking at them.”
Lulu: “Yeah, it says that I’m a—”
Producer Smurf: “Wait! Stop! Don’t smurf another word! I have just smurfed the most smurfy idea ever!”
Java Bean: “You have? What is it?”
Producer Smurf: “A breed reveal game show!”

Java Bean: “I’m in! Let’s do it!”
Lulu: “Me too! If I get a belly rub out of it!”
Mouse: “That sounds almost as stupid as a human gender reveal party where they accidentally burn down a forest with blue or pink fireworks.”
Producer Smurf: “‘Almost’ being the smurferative word!”

Soon …

Producer Smurf: “Welcome to ‘Guess What Went Into That Dog’! Let’s smurf our first subject, Lulu, and smurf our contestants!”
Mr. Nibbles: “That’s quite an, uh, assortment of contestants he’s got there.”
Mouse: “Yeah, this so-called game show has disaster written all over it.”
Spicoli: “Dude, I think you need glasses. The banner says ‘Guess What Went Into That Dog’, just like the smurf said.”
Charlee: “I wonder what genetic testing on us would show. I bet I would be 50% tiger and 50% lion.”
Chaplin: “All I know is we’re 0% dog and that’s the important thing.”
Blue: “Doesn’t the studio audience usually get free refreshments?”

21 thoughts on “What Went Into That Dog: The Game Show

  1. Oh, this is going to be so much fun! Will Lulu get her belly rubs? Will the audience get free treats? Tune in [fill in the blank] to find out! We’ll be here! XOX Xena, Lucy and Chia


      1. Lulu: “Hello Riley! Producer Smurf asked me to smurf you ― uhh, I mean, ask you ― how you would like to do your post when it’s your turn. Do you want to do it as a guest post, or send our Dada what you would like to say? Just let us know and we will get the ball rolling. Thanks!”
        Java Bean: “Did someone say ‘ball’?”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. *wags* If you send your email address to the email listed at the side of our blog, I’ll get Mom Amy to send you my picture and breed mix! Other than that, go ahead and put words in my mouth, BOL! Riley


  2. THose refreshments look yummy…we think! You know we have DNA kits here, too for the both of us pups, but, um…*she* has not embarked upon the opening of them at all, let alone taken samples to get ‘tested’! We do know we have no kitty genes in us…BOL!

    We might have 50% naughty monster in our makeup…those are HER words, not ours!


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