11 thoughts on “Throwback (Tucker, Trixie, and Dennis) Thursday: That Time Everyone Got Skunked Again. Well Almost Everyone.

  1. Sad but not too much so, mostly the only skunks here are the ones we smell from a distance…and the ones that were dumb enough to try to cross the highway…no skunking will fend off a vehicle…

    I did once see one when I was out walking the dog (MJF), so we quickly did an about face, LOL! My sister who lives in suburbia, has a skunk family freeloading under her garden shed…oh oh! She cannot let her dog loose in the yard right now…she will have to hire an expert…


  2. BellaSita Mum reememburrss suem ‘skunkin’ going on at yore crib way back when!!
    Thankfullee wee only have Pierre Skunk who comess bye once inn a while…. 😉
    Grate fotoss!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) BellaSita Mum


  3. Yikes! Did you know that an ionizer will completely remove that smell? I’ve put dogs that have been brought to me with that problem in a kennel, and placed my small ionizer in front of the kennel. Within a half hour they smelled great again!


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