Sprouting (Nick) Names Like A Bean Pole

Java Bean has only been with us for a couple of months, but he’s already acquired a number of nicknames, most of which are some variation on the fact that he has “Bean” in his name; and so I thought it might be time for a new installment in our long-running—not to mention highly spaced out—nickname posts. (For previous editions, see here, here, and here.)

Real Name: Java Bean


  • Bean (technically a nickname, but used far more often than his full name)
  • The Bean (presumably this is his official position, sort of like “The President” or “The King”)
  • Beanie Boy
  • Beanie Baby (the sharp-memoried reader may recall that Dada floated this nickname and it got nixed by Mama, and yet there Mama goes using it all the time)
  • Banini (inspired by Casa de Bandini, perhaps)
  • Beanie Banini
  • Beanbag
  • Sprout
  • Monkey (where’d that come from?)
  • Supermutt
The Spectacular Supermutt

As for the other animals, most of their previously-listed nicknames remain in effect, although Lulu doesn’t seem to get called “Mush-Bug” very often anymore, and of the various “rhymes with Lulu” nicknames that she used to have, “Zhu-Zhu” is now by far the most common. But it doesn’t matter. She’ll answer to just about everything.

15 thoughts on “Sprouting (Nick) Names Like A Bean Pole

  1. Oh nick names are so fun! And I am listening to a local Christian radio station and this morning thejr DJ’s have nicknames as their topic (WPER)

    And Java Bean the Super Mutt is so cute sleeping like that!

    My son’s dog (my grand-pup) just for the nickname “Pinkerton” because he resembles the dog in the Pinkerton children’s book series!


  2. What about J.B. or just plain Beanie, as we think of her? (We can’t write some of the nicknames we’ve come up with for the one who we shall call our newest sister whose name starts with a Ch!) XOX Xena and Riley and Lucy

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  3. Oh JB…we love your nicknames. One of my all time favorite dogs growing up was named Beans, a boxer mix who was a ginormous hoot. I laugh just thinking about her running around the yard just like you do after Lulu.


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