The Further Adventures of Supermutt

Lulu: “So did any of the contestants ever win a prize on that game show the smurf put on?”
Chaplin: “No. Vermin keeps accusing him of fraud and saying he’ll be hearing from her lawyer.”

Suddenly, faster than a speeding bullet …

Java Bean: “What’s this? Fraud?! Sounds like a job for Supermutt and Exotic Lulu!”
Lulu: “Please stop calling me that.”

Charlee: “A dog in a plastic muscle suit is just about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”
Java Bean: “It’s not a plastic muscle suit. I worked hard to achieve this muscle definition.”
Chaplin: “When you say you worked hard, do you mean exercising? Or do you mean you found a Superman doll and hollowed it out so you could crawl inside it?”

Java Bean: “A superhero never reveals secrets like that.”
Nipple Suit Batman: “My philosophy exactly, Supermutt.”
Chaplin: “Do you guys hear somebody fake-whispering?”
Charlee: “Aaaand Bean’s record for ‘Most Ridiculous Plastic Muscle Suit’ has already been broken.”

11 thoughts on “The Further Adventures of Supermutt

  1. Hey Beanie, don’t they know that ALL super heroes wear muscle suits? Now, run faster than a peeing bullet, that’ll show em! XOX Xena
    Lucy: Uh, shouldn’t that be SPEEDING bullet?
    Xena: Mind your own business Lucy.


  2. There was a Superman-a-thon on a couple of weeks ago and we were amazed that the guy in it had real live muscles (not the fake ones that come in their suits now). Bean, you have a purrfect Super Mutt body! Purrs Marv


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