Bats in the Boardroom

Java Bean: “Are you here to help us look into the fraud allegations against Producer Smurf, Señor Batman?”
Batman (fake whispering): “Financial crimes aren’t really my area. I’m here to offer costume advice.”
Lulu: “Your suit does look a little, uh, different from the last time we saw you.”

Batman (fake whispering): “Yes, it was time for an upgrade.”
Charlee: “An ‘upgrade’. Is that what you call it?”
Chaplin: “Can you try not breathing so much when you talk? The squeaking vinyl every time you inhale is driving me crazy.”

Batman (fake whispering even more softly): “Is this better?”
Chaplin: “I guess it’ll have to do.”
Java Bean: “So what advice do you have about my costume? More muscles?”
Batman (fake whispering even more softly): “No. I have a special accessory for you right here in my utility belt.”
Charlee: “Hey you know what else was an ‘upgrade’? Anakin Skywalker over Darth Vader.”

Momentarily …

Java Bean: “What are these things that you just stuck on my chest, Señor Batman?”
Batman (fake whispering even more softly): “Pug pasties.”
Lulu: “Do we even want to know why you’re carrying around pug pasties in your utility belt?”
Batman (fake whispering even more softly): “I took a lot of flak for this new version of my bat suit.”
Charlee: “Also Jar Jar Binks was a big upgrade over C3PO and R2D2.”
Spicoli: “Dudes. Not cool to call a meeting to dunk on ‘Star Wars’ sequels without inviting me.”

10 thoughts on “Bats in the Boardroom

  1. Deer Java Bean…are youss’ SURE this iss THE REEL Batman??
    Wee nevurr mew (new) Batman to have Pug Pastiess or any kind of Pastiesa….unless they were THE edibell kind…Cornish Pastiess! Mee thinkss you bettur thinkss this out again……
    (Why does that line sound familur????)
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum


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