What Is The Dynamic Duo?

Norman #3: “That’s the most ridiculous superhero outfit I’ve ever seen.”
Norman #2: “Well, now, remember that time Batman’s GPS went wonky and he showed up in our cave and he was wearing that suit with the nipples on it?”
Java Bean: “So, ninja hedgehogs! I bet you didn’t expect to run into a brand new crime-fighting duo today!”
Norman #4: “Which one of you is Supermutt and which one is Exotic Lulu?”
Norman #1: “Nice job phrasing your answer in the form of a question, Norman!”

Java Bean: “What kind of question is that? Isn’t it obvious which one of us is which?”
Norman #3: “Yeah, come on, Norman. I mean, clearly ‘Exotic Lulu’ has to be the one wearing the pug pasties.”
Java Bean: “What?! No, that’s not right—”
Lulu: “That’s correct! You win all the prizes!”
Producer Smurf: “What?!”

Norman #1: “What is the easiest raid ever?”
Norman #2: “This one is.”
Norman #1: “Yes, I know, I was just phrasing my statement in the form of a question.”
Norman #3: “Less talking, more hauling away loot!”

Producer Smurf: “I can’t believe you smurfed away all of my loot!”
Vermin: “HISSS! See?! I knew this game show was rigged!”
Java Bean: “What a bitter defeat for Supermutt! And an even more bitter betrayal from Exotic Lulu!”
Lulu: “Well I did tell you to stop calling me that.”

9 thoughts on “What Is The Dynamic Duo?

  1. A raid.. A befuddled Producer Smurf… Name calling.. Pug Pasties.
    Someone has got to be the hero here… But who? Or, should that be whom? No, I think I was right the first time…. I’ll just go and check…


  2. I love the hanging toys in different colours. I know, small things, small minds. I got to give it to the Normans, they haul pretty quickly. I’d hire them if we ever get to move house.

    Now, ‘Supermut’ in a superhero film I understand. But Exotic Lulu? I think you’re in the wrong kind of film 😂


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