(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday: So What Did You Say Your Name Was Again?

Dada’s Note: This picture is from a couple of days after Bean arrived, when he didn’t have an official name yet, and when he and Lulu were still getting acquainted (but already thought they were going to like each other pretty well).

13 thoughts on “(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday: So What Did You Say Your Name Was Again?

  1. We’re so happy that Lulu has a good friend who isn’t a cat. Not that there is anything wrong with cats, umm, but they won’t wrestle or run through the yard or play fight with you. Well, they might run through the yard away from you, but not with you. At least we don’t think they will. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


  2. Hi guys I am glad that you made it while the mouse safari was still going on! What a chase! I was so excited I forgot to ask if you guys caught any. And the dogs were still swimming in the river. Lulu and Java you guys can come by anytime, Cinnamon had a whole ton of fun playing chase. Thanks for helping me celebrate! Mom says we made $75 for Boundary Helping Hands Feline Rescue! We could not have done that without you! Purrs Marv


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