Can You Tell Me How To Get To …

Java Bean: “Hey, Mouse, are you down here?”
Mouse: “If I say ‘no’, will you go away?”
Java Bean: “Probably not.”

Java Bean: “I was wondering if you could look up on your computer how to get to Stuffiland.”
Mouse: “What is Stuffiland?”
Java Bean: “It’s where the smurf got the prizes for his game show. He went there on safari.”
Mouse: “No he didn’t. He got them from Amazon.”

Later …

Lulu: “So did the mouse tell you how we could get to Stuffiland?”
Java Bean: “No, he said the smurf got the prizes from Amazon, and he didn’t even use Safari.”
Lulu: “Bummer.”
Vermin: “HISSS! But did the mouse actually say Stuffiland doesn’t exist?”

Shortly thereafter …

Mouse: “Now what?”

12 thoughts on “Can You Tell Me How To Get To …

  1. Mom’s sitting here laughing too hard to help us comment… wait, maybe she won’t see us get on her ‘puter to order stuffies from Amazon through Chrome. We might want to order Safari hats and gear while we’re at it. Thanks for the clarification, guys. XOX Xena, Chia and Riley


  2. Mew mew mew mee not sure Mousie knowss what hee iss squeekin ’bout Java Bean.
    An where iss this Ammyzon hee squeeked of?? THE Ammyzon mee herd of iss inn Africa! That iss a kabillion miless from you an from mee!
    Cray-cray Mousie!
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum


  3. Stuffies?? Who needs those, I, Benji, ripped the wallpaper off the landing last night…BOL! Though I did hear some interesting language that I didn’t recognize when she saw it…

    A Safari sounds like a great way to get out…though the Chrome part might be hard to keep all bright and shiny if we take our Safari into the mudpies…BOL! All the stuffies would make for a great lets catch them affair!


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