Into The Stuffie-Verse

Chaplin: “All right, you’ve had the box long enough. Now it’s my turn to sit in there.”
Charlee: “I reserved the box for six hours, I’m sitting in the box for six hours.”
Chaplin: “Reserved the box? Where did you that?”
Charlee: “On the box signup sheet that I made and then hid so you wouldn’t find it.”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s such a big box, friend Hipsters. Surely you can sit in it together.”
Charlee & Chaplin: “No.”

Just then …

Lulu: “Hey guys! Vermin told us you know how to navigate through the multiverse! Is that true?”
Charlee: “One of us can’t even manage to use a sign-up sheet to sit in a box, and you think we can travel to other dimensions?”
Chaplin: “You just said you hid the sign-up sheet so I couldn’t find it!”
Charlee: “You’re only helping me prove my point.”

Mr. Nibbles: “Why do you want to travel the multiverse, friend Lulu? Do you not have everything you need right here?”
Lulu: “Well of course I do. But we heard there was a dimension made of bacon.”
Java Bean: “And also one made of chorizo.”
Lulu: “And one where we can hunt stuffies on safari.”

Vermin: “HISSS! And one where the stuffies are stuffed with chorizo and bacon!”

Chaplin: “I’m not normally a big fan of stuffies but ones stuffed with bacon and chorizo do sound pretty tempting.”
Java Bean: “Lulu! Did you hear that? Now we have to find out how to get to these other dimensions!”
Lulu: “I did hear it! But how? The cats don’t know how to do it. They can’t even fill out paperwork.”
Charlee: “Well I suppose you could try taking the Doghouse of Justice through the multiverse …”

Java Bean: “What is the Doghouse of Justice?”
Lulu: “It travels through space and time and apparently other dimensions.”
Chaplin: “Dennis got it from The Doctor. You’ll love it.”
Mr. Nibbles: “You may have sent them on a wild goose chase, friend Charlee. I’m not sure the Doghouse of Justice can really traverse the multiverse.”
Charlee: “Who cares? I just wanted to have the box all to myself for a blissful six hours of peace. Say that reminds me, I heard the supermarket has timothy grass on special today, but I can’t remember which one. You should go look for it.”

13 thoughts on “Into The Stuffie-Verse

  1. Xena: Charlee, you are as devious as me. I run to the back door to be let out, then everyone wants out, so when the door opens, I step back and let everyone run out, then turn around to get all the attention/treats! Pretty smart, huh?
    Chia: I wanna go in the traveling machine, too!


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