Hey Doghouse

Java Bean: “So this is the Doghouse of Justice? How did I never notice it in the yard all the times I’ve been running around back here?”
Lulu: “It sort of comes and goes as needed.”
Java Bean: “Oh, kind of like how sometimes there’s a tank of this in the dining room and sometimes there’s a big armoire with an old television set inside of it in the living room and sometimes those trees back there are alive and sometimes they’re dead and covered with ivy?”
Lulu: “Well we don’t really talk about any of that …”
Chaplin: “Are we discussing set inconsistencies or are we going on safari for stuffies full of bacon?”

Java Bean: “Now what happens?”
Lulu: “I think we have to tell it where we want to go. Chaplin, isn’t that how it works?”
Chaplin: “Don’t ask me. This is the Doghouse of Justice, not the Cathouse of Justice. I’m just along for the ride.”

Lulu: “Hmm … Hey Doghouse!”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* Yes?”
Lulu: “Search the Multiverse for Stuffiland.”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* I didn’t find an entry for Stuffiland.”
Lulu: “You searched the entire Multiverse already?”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* No, I searched your address book.”
Lulu: “It’s not in my address book. That’s why I asked you to search the Multiverse.”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* I didn’t find an entry for Multiverse.”
Lulu: “Did you search in my address book again?”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* Yes. If it’s not in your address book it doesn’t exist.”

Java Bean: “The Doctor who gave you this thing … What is he a Doctor of, exactly?”
Chaplin: “Showing up unexpectedly, for the most part.”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* Will there be anything else?”

Java Bean: “I think I’m going to go pee on that screen.”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* Ohhh, you said the multiverse? I just found it!”

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