Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* We have arrived at a Multiversal destination that has stuffies, if you would like to disembark.”
Java Bean: “Whoa, hey, nobody is disembarking anybody around here!”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* Let’s see this destination on the display first before we exit.”

Java Bean: “¡Mirar! A bunch of rocks!”
Chaplin: “I see fog.”
Lulu: “What we don’t see is stuffies.”

Just then …

Chaplin: “Wait, what’s that?”
Dogs: “!!!!!!!!!”

Dogs: (barking their fool heads off)
Chaplin: “This is going to be a long, noisy trip through the Multiverse.”

11 thoughts on “(Disem)bark

  1. Xena: Be careful if you go out there…it could be a trap! XOX Xena
    Lucy: Huh. New friends.
    Chia: Let me out, let me out, let me at em’!
    Lucy: You’re not there, Chia.
    Riley: Want help? I know how to take on a stuffie or two!


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