Are You A … ?

Java Bean: “Lulu looks worried. Does that mean I should be worried?”
Chaplin: “Not at all. This giant stuffie is offering me an acorn, so clearly it considers me to be some kind of god.”

Java Bean: “What are the chances that the magic doghouse would take us to a world where cats are considered to be gods?”
Chaplin: “I think you mean another world where cats are considered to be gods. And I would say the chances are excellent.”

Just then …

Chaplin: “Oh, look, here’s another one, offering me a carrot. The worshipers just keep coming!”
Java Bean: “How big is it possible for Lulu’s eyes to get, exactly?”

12 thoughts on “Are You A … ?

  1. Uh, Chaplin, have you even considered that the acorn and the carrot are THEIR food, and if you try to take their food, well, go ahead and try, let’s see what chaos happens. XOX Lucy and Xena
    Do it! Do it! Do it! XOXOXOX Chia


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