Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Chaplin: “So? How about it? Can you call somebody in who has something that isn’t a nut or a vegetable?”

Chaplin: “Okay, good, that’s good, cheese is an improvement. It’s still not bacon or chorizo though.”
Java Bean: “Lulu, this safari isn’t going the way I expected.”
Lulu: “That’s just because you haven’t been here very long yet.”

12 thoughts on “Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

  1. OMD! Have you considered that these are three animals you would normally chase and maybe even kill? Do you think they know that? OMD! We think it’s time to run for your multiverse vehicle machine thingie and cut your losses!! XOX Xena, Lucy, and Chia (Riley says go for it!)


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