Lulu’s Legal Tips: How to Object

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with a new irregular feature, Lulu’s Legal Tips! My first one is going to be about How to Object! Now you may be asking, Lulu, why are you starting right in with how to object, instead of when and why to object? That’s an easy one; when and why to object are essentially the same thing: Because you don’t feel like answering a question somebody asked you.

Mouse: “You’re not allowed to object just because you don’t want to answer the question.”
Lulu: “Objection: You’re not my lawyer.”

Now in the following video you will hear me being repeatedly asked questions that I don’t want to answer. You will note my objections in the lower thirds.

Eat your heart out, Matlock.

Since at no times are my objections overruled, nor am I actually forced to answer any of the questions, clearly this approach is legally sound, no matter what certain observers might say.

Mouse: “Your Dada is not a lawyer, your Dada’s office is not a courtroom, most of those questions were rhetorical, and the ones that weren’t rhetorical also weren’t questions.”
Lulu: “Objection: Pedantic.”

Of course, while raising the proper objections will get you out of a lot of awkward situations, it’s no substitute for being a cute dog. If you’re not already a cute dog, then, unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do to help you with that. You could try putting on a cute dog mask, but that’s not likely to fool anyone.

Java Bean: “Uh, Lulu, I think something’s wrong with the cats …”
Spicoli: “Dudes! Who are your new friends? They look like they could use something to help them chill out a little.”

This is Lulu, rolling over and out!

10 thoughts on “Lulu’s Legal Tips: How to Object

  1. Thanks, Lulu. I have to say, “I’m innocent, Your Honor” way too much around here. Now I know what else I can bark when being interrogated about some minor crime, such as killing a stuffy. XOXOX Chia


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