Bye Bye Big Dog

Lulu: “… and so please let us apologize once again for the confusion about your stuffies, Mr. Giant Dog, sir.”
Chaplin (whispering): “Don’t forget to ask him about the bacon.”
Java Bean (whispering): “If you want to know about bacon, you come out here and ask him.”
Big Dog: “I can hear you whispering.”

Chaplin: “Well, that was a fiasco. That’ll teach me to go anywhere with dogs.”
Lulu: “It’s not our fault the Doghouse of Justice brought us here. I think the latest dogOS upgrade was faulty.”
Java Bean: “Maybe our request wasn’t specific enough.”
Lulu: “Maybe … Hey Doghouse, take us someplace in the Multiverse where we can get bacon without dealing with dog or stuffie kaiju.”

Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* Now traversing the Multiverse to your destination!”
Chaplin: “I still swear I smelled bacon around here someplace. You dogs give up too easily.”
Lulu: “That’s easy to say when you’re hiding in the Doghouse of Justice.”
Big Dog (listening to thunder): “Sounds like a storm coming …”

Big Dog (as bacon rains from the sky): “Another meat monsoon. Now my stuffies are going to be all greasy.”

Meanwhile …

Chaplin: “Hey, this new location in the Multiverse looks just like our kitchen.”
Doghouse of Justice: “*BING* That’s because it is your kitchen. You asked for a place where you can get bacon without dealing with kaiju.”
Lulu: “If you think we can get bacon here then you clearly aren’t familiar with Mama and Dada’s policies on what constitutes an acceptable treat.”

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