Return Trip

Producer Smurf: “It’s about time you guys smurfed up.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Yeah, way to be late for your own party!”
Java Bean: “Oh boy! Cake!”
Lulu: “Well, maybe we didn’t get bacon, but at least we’re getting birthday cake.”
Chaplin: “I hope it’s bacon-flavored cake.”

Mouse: “Where have you all been? And what’s that thing you came out of?”
Chaplin: “What do you mean, what is it? It’s the Doghouse of Justice.”
Spicoli: “I say! The Doghouse of what now? Justice? Crikey! Sounds a bit naff to me!”

Spicoli: “Right-o! Are we having cake or wot? Shall I put the tea on?”
Lulu: “Something seems to be very wrong here.”
Java Bean: “You can say that again. Clearly we should be making coffee, not tea.”
Mr. Nibbles: “You materialized your doghouse thing right on top of me.”
Chaplin: “Talk to the dogs, they were driving.”
Java Bean #2: “Oh boy! Cake!”

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