Extraordinary Claims …

Mouse: “All right, so, you claim that you three versions of Lulu, Chaplin, and Bean are from an alternate dimension?”
Lulu: “That’s correct.”

Mouse: “And you further claim that you came here in a time- and dimension-hopping doghouse that’s bigger on the inside.”
Lulu: “Also correct.”

Mouse: “And you further claim that said doghouse brought you here on its because you can get bacon here.”
Lulu: “Also also correct.”
Java Bean: “And chorizo! Everyone keeps forgetting the chorizo!”

Mouse: “And you further further claim that all of us are in that alternate universe with you, except Spicoli is some kind of stoner dog.”
Lulu: “Yes indeed!”
Chaplin: “And he says ‘dude’ all the time.”
Spicoli: “Me, a stoner! Seems a bit difficult to credit, wot?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Well, you do wear dark glasses all the time, friend Spicoli.”
Spicoli: “Because I look so posh in them, kind sir.”
Vermin: “HISSS! You don’t look that posh!”

Mouse: “All right, well, I do have one question for you to start with …”
Lulu: “Fire away!”

Mouse: “Just exactly how ridiculous is this dimension that you come from?”
Lulu: “You have no idea.”
Charlee: “It may be a ridiculous dimension, but apparently I’m smart enough there not to get involved in this kind of nonsense.”
Blue: “I was hoping he would ask about the bacon …”

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