15 thoughts on “Caturday Matinee: A Dispute at the Top of the World

  1. That was a bit scary for a few seconds. We’re a bit confused why Chaplin was the bad one since he was just sitting there. It looked like Charlee wanted to take that spot from him. At least nobody fell off the top of the world.


    1. Charlee: “I just wanted to pass through, but Chaplin didn’t want to let me! He always tries to boss me around up on the perches and on top of the fireplace. Plus I am a little princess, so nothing is ever my fault.”
      Chaplin: “Now you sound like Dada …”


  2. Whoah…that was very scary…hissies and bottle brush tails. Eeek!

    Our Mama can’t stop giggling at the credits at the end…and how our Mama and Daddy have the same roles as (empty threater and enforcer) as yours…


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