Time And Restaurant Dimensions In Space

Lulu: “I thought you said we wouldn’t get kicked out of restaurants if we wore yellow hats.”
Alternate Spicoli: “I did say that, guv! But I didn’t say we wouldn’t get kicked out if your cat climbed on the decor.”
Java Bean: “This table looks like a giant marrow bone …”

Java Bean: (starts gnawing on table)
Lulu: “Ooh! The table is an appetizer? What a world this is! How does it taste?”
Java Bean: “It’s a bit nutty. Also it has gum stuck to it so that adds a nice complexity.”
Alternate Spicoli: “I say! Stop that! Are you trying to get us tossed out of another establishment like your cat did?”
Chaplin: “Why does Spicoli keep saying ‘your cat’ like I belong to Lulu and Bean?”
Alternate Mouse: “Because cats are kept as pets by dogs.”
Chaplin: “Oh, well, that explains … Wait, what? Dogs keep cats as pets here?!”
Alternate Mouse: “Of course. Isn’t that how it works where you come from?”

Chaplin: “We have to get out of this dimension right now.”
Java Bean: “But I haven’t finished eating my table yet.”
Alternate Mouse: “Is it something I said?”

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