Let Them (Finally) Eat Cake

Producer Smurf: “It’s about time you guys smurfed up.”
Vermin: “Yeah, way to be late for your own party!”
Java Bean: “Oh boy! My party is still going on! Yay cake!”
Chaplin: “NEVER MIND ANY OF THAT! Nobody says another word until I ask some questions.”
Charlee: “Everybody stand back, Chaplin is moody again.”

Chaplin: “All right, first question: Spicoli, say something.”
Spicoli: “Dude, that’s not a question, that’s a command.”
Chaplin: “Great answer. Second question: Do dogs keep cats as pets around here?”
Charlee: “Dogs keeping cats as pets? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”
Java Bean: “Another great answer. Okay, let’s have cake.”

Almost Everybody: (Singing the birthday song for Java Bean)
Blue: “I hope they remembered to put a kid in the cake before they baked it this time.”
Mouse: “Sounds like you had a pretty traumatic time traveling the multiverse, Chaplin.”
Chaplin: “Let’s just say there are timelines that are much more disturbing than this one.”

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