17 thoughts on “Caturday Matinee: How to Tell Your Human He Didn’t Do a Good Enough Job Washing the Lid of the Container That Had Sardines in It

  1. Pfft, cats getting their hairs on things hoomans have just cleaned! It may not be up to scratch for your liking, but that’s no excuse for your hairs everywhere (that applies to cutlery, lids, kitchen utensils & hooman clothing).

    PS. Mama & Dada, nice two-tier dish drainer.
    PPS. I know I’m getting old when I start really appreciating dish drainers.


    1. Charlee: “Oh, no, that’s the sunshade that pulls down over the window from the outside! It’s been down all summer long. Dada just lifted it the other day though ahead of Tropical Storm Kay ― something about not wanting a sail on the side of the house in case of high winds …”


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