Lulu’s Helpful Harbor Hints: How To Take Advantage of Your Human not Paying Attention to What’s On the Ground

Hello friendlies! Lulu here, with a helpful harbor hint! Although really it can be helpful anywhere … The hint is this: If you keep your nose to the ground, and especially if your human is busy looking through a camera, you are likely to detect that there is a large number of good-sized birds nesting in trees above a parking lot before your human does. You must take advantage of this as quickly as possible before they catch on. Here, allow me to demonstrate:

As you can see, if you’re fast, you can get in some wonderful scent-rolling in. And as a bonus, you might even be able to grab a little snack afterwards.

Now if you follow this tip you may end up getting a bath, but believe me, it will be totally worth it. You will be the envy of all the other dogs the whole rest of the time you’re on the walk. And unless your human feels like washing out their car, well, you will be reminded of your delightfully odorous adventure every time you go for a ride.

Mouse: “And here I thought the hint was going to be ‘Don’t park underneath the birds’.”
Lulu: “Why wouldn’t we want to park underneath the birds?”

Until next time, friendlies, this is Lulu, rolling through the guano and out!

13 thoughts on “Lulu’s Helpful Harbor Hints: How To Take Advantage of Your Human not Paying Attention to What’s On the Ground

  1. Oh Lulu, our first thought was oh dog! She’s gonna get a bath! Glad it was worth it, and it does look like a ton of fun adding that new perfume to your scent. Angel Lexi used to walk under Riley’s “stream” every time they were walking together. She always got a bath when they got home, too.


  2. Mew mew mew Mousie mee was thinkin same thing!!
    Aan mee iss a C-A-T….
    Umm Lulu you rolled inn Birdie umm, well, Poo Poo…
    Mistur Jamess an Miss KJ brake our THE bubbell bath!!!
    It WAS a funny video tho’!!! ROFM/ROFL!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Mum


  3. Our MJF was an expert in finding the newest, freshest, and therefore the gooey-ist deerpoo…and he too would find it long before petcretary even knew it was there…yup, not only a stinky pup syndrome happened, but he turned form a mostly white pup to a black on. BOL!!

    You might have to be a little more sneaky nest time, Lulu so you can get your rolls in…and score some treats like that bread.


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