Better Call Small

Java Bean: “So the person who put me in this neck brace should have to give me green papers?”
Ambulance Chaser Smurf: “That’s correct. We will smurf them for all they’re worth and then some!”
Producer Smurf: “You smurf ’em, Ambulance Chaser Smurf!”

Mouse: “What’s going on in here?”
Java Bean: “I’m just getting some legal advice from Producer Smurf’s friend, and later on we’re going to go chase ambulances.”

Mouse: “Do you really think it’s a good idea to seek counsel from anybody Producer Smurf recommends?”
Producer Smurf: “Hey, he’s just as smurfy a lawyer as I am a film producer!”
Mouse: “Yes well that’s not quite the ringing endorsement that you seem to think it is.”

Ambulance Chaser Smurf: “You’d better quit smurfing around with my Ambulance Chaser-Client Privilege.”
Mouse: “Or what? Are you going to write my name down on your little scroll?”
Ambulance Chaser Smurf: “Well I just might do that!”
Java Bean: “Make sure you leave room on it to keep track of all the ambulances we chase. I want to show it to Lulu afterwards.”

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