The Spookiest Month Is About To Begin

Chaplin: “You’re overreacting. This is clearly one of Dennis’s old stuffies that he shredded.”
Charlee: “But where did it come from? How did it get here? Is it seeking revenge on Dennis? Will there be more of them?”
Chaplin: “Maybe one of the new dogs found it in the yard and brought it inside.”

Charlee: “Well all right, I guess that makes sense …”
Lulu: “Excuse me, did you just lump me in with Bean as ‘one of the new dogs’?”
Chaplin: “Yes. You’re both the new dogs.”
Lulu: “I’ve been here since 2019!”
Chaplin: “Be that as it may, you’re not Dennis and we were here first. Hence, new dog.”

Charlee: “Where did you and Bean find Dennis’s old shredded stuffie, anyway?”
Lulu: “I’ve never seen that thing before in my life and neither has Bean. We did find a hole in the yard, though. Maybe it dug itself out and came in here seeking revenge. And since Dennis isn’t here anymore, but it probably remembers you, well …”

Later …

Java Bean: “I thought I heard you talking to the cats. Where did they go?”
Lulu: “For some reason, they’re afraid of that old shredded stuffie you found in the yard and brought into the house.”

13 thoughts on “The Spookiest Month Is About To Begin

  1. As a teacher, I used the comic strip idea (with bubble speak) to teach the difference between prose and quotations, teaching story writing 🙂


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