Armed & Dangerous

Charlee: “So what do you think?”
Chaplin: “Well, I mean, it’s definitely Santa’s arm and his mitten.”
Charlee: “And we know Dennis and Santa had a long-running feud.”
Chaplin: “Yes, yes we do know that.”

Chaplin: “Where did you say you found this again?”
Charlee: “I woke up on the floor and it was right there reaching for me! If I hadn’t woken up then, who knows what would have happened?!”
Chaplin: “It sure seems like the old stuffies that Dennis deaded are coming back to haunt us.”
Charlee: “Yes it does! We have to find somebody who can help us deal with them before it’s too late!”

Soon …

Mouse: “What are you cats doing in my … Oh, boy, did you guys murder Santa?”

14 thoughts on “Armed & Dangerous

  1. Oh Charlee, as soon as you said you needed to find someone to help you with this, we knew there is going to be trouble. But we don’t think SantaPaws is dead. He always brings us presents at Christmas. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


  2. Wait, the stuffies are returning from the dead? Guys, you know it’s All Hallows Eve soon, right? Be careful. This is just the first one, but soon enough you’ll get Zombie stuffies and ghost stuffies coming out of everywhere!


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