Present Arms

Charlee: “We didn’t murder Santa. We think Dennis did. And now Santa’s arm is back for revenge.”
Mouse: “That seems unlikely.”
Chaplin: “That Dennis would murder a santa stuffie?”
Mouse: “No that part is 100% plausible. I mean the part where the arm is crawling around looking for revenge.”

Mouse: “Why did you bring this thing in here, anyway? It’s getting dirt and sand all over my reagents.”
Charlee: “Well, we figured you’re smart, right? With the science?”
Mouse: “Well I was first in my class at NIMH. But what does that have to do with this Santa stuffie arm?”
Chaplin: “We thought you might know some kind of science to stop these creepy crawly stuffies from stalking us.”
Mouse: “I don’t think you need science for that, you need … Wait, there’s another one?”

Chaplin: “Yes, here it is.”
Mouse: “I didn’t say I wanted you to give it to me!”

11 thoughts on “Present Arms

  1. Hmmm, we shall have to check the pump room in the basement, a before hairy slobbery sister and Queen Nellie we stuffie killers, we too may have reanimating stuffies! Jo Jo! Cinnamon! Should we go check? Nope, its to dark and damp in there, get Mom to go! Better yet, why dont we ask if the Oceanside Animals want to go on a goast stuffie hunt? Purrs Marv


  2. Don’t bury them guys. It’ll be like Return Of The Living Dead and arms will start clawing their way out of the dirt. Can you send them into space? That’s the most logical answer here.


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